Digital Image NZ Ltd. is a renowned brand in image and printing that has been serving people for over 24 years. In all these years of work, we gained the success and trust of our clientele. The supreme quality that makes us unique is our satisfactory results to the customers. We know how to turn the client’s demands into a marvellous reality.

Our talented team is built of highly professional people. We know how to offer the desired outcomes in the fastest way possible. With our exceptional work, we have served various photographers, artists, public libraries, and publishers. Besides, we use the latest technologies to meet the expectations of every client.


Modernization has taken the world to a new level. So, we have also shifted our services from high-quality film scanning to the scanning of captivating Fine Artwork. Not only this, we have rendered our colour calibration expertise primarily redundant. We deal with many projects, including preparing images for the Web, printing and archiving.

Furthermore, we help people with state-of-the-art scanning, colour management, artwork, upsizing, noise reduction, etc. Our photo restoration service is also liked by our numerous customers. To deliver excellent results, we have high-end machines. So you can trust us with the results you are expecting.


Digital Image NZ Ltd. is now a prominent brand, reaching out to more people with online availability. We are proud of ourselves for our top-quality colour reproduction in the scans and prints. However, we are not limited. Our expert team has the zeal to become better every day and add more value to our services.

As we believe in growth, we also provide training programs. Usually, it is for people interested in being a part of the creative design and print industry. More you will experience after choosing any of our services you need.